5 Ways To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back (Even If He Doesn’t Want To) – Part 2

5 Ways To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Even If He Doesn't Want To  Part 2

3. Give Them Space

Give Them SpaceThis has to do with moving on.  Though it may be very difficult for you they may need to move on and have some independence for a while.  They may date other people.  They may not wish to speak with you for a while.

Whatever you do, don’t get angry or mean when they ask for space.  Be respectful of their need for space and show maturity and love by allowing them to have what they need.  Acting selfishly and smothering them will not bring them back to you.  It will simply drive them away.

space11Space helps love

It is not going to be easy but give them time to sort out their own feelings.  Tell them that you would like to get back together and that you hope that they will consider it.  Be clear and honest about what you feel so that you can sleep easy at night if things don’t work out in the end.  We will talk more about this later.

4. Ask Them Out Subtly

Ask Them Out Subtlytogether then asking them on a date can be fun and can give your relationship a refreshing boost.

Treat it like a first date and make it romantic and fun.  This will serve to remind them of what it was like when you two were first dating.  Perhaps you two have forgotten why you initially fell in love.  Going on a “first date” might help the two of you rekindle the spark.

Don’t have sex, kiss or do too much that you wouldn’t actually do on a first date.  Try and make it like a real first date.  Just talk, enjoy each other’s company and do something exciting and fun that you wouldn’t normally do.  Putt-Putt, the zoo and a hike are all great ideas.


5. Be Honest/Swallow Your Pride

Be Honest Swallow Your PrideWe touched on this earlier.  Often, after a break up, we look back and think, ‘If only…” and that is the hardest part.  Most people’s relationships go through rocky phases and mistakes are made or things are said that lead to a break up.  You will have 10 times more trouble getting over your love if you know that you owe them an apology or you feel that you didn’t try enough to fix things.

If you feel that you have things you need to say then you should say them.  Don’t worry about saving face or being proud.  Tell the truth.  Apologize if you feel that you should.  Then, at the end of the day, you will know in your heart that you did all that you could.

pride1Swallow your pride

Break-ups are painful and hard.  Sometimes we feel that we should have or could have done more to fix the relationship or to make ourselves better for the person we love.  That makes it even more difficult.  If you try the 5 things discussed in this article you may or may not get your ex back but you WILL feel better in the long run.  So try them and, though it may not seem like it now, things will get better for you!!

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