5 Reasons Why Men Love Chasing Women (So Let Him) – Part 2

4. Men Enjoy Competition

Men love sports, athletics and games because they love competition.  They love to compete, watch competitions, bet on competitions, talk about competitions and predict the outcome of competitions.  If it has to do with “winning” then men LOVE it.

Have you ever noticed that a man can turn almost anything into a competition with a winner or a loser?  Even something as simple as taking an evening walk can turn into a race.  A casual game of poker can become a heated battle when two men are playing.  Even from the time they are small children, they love to wrestle and pin one another down in order to WIN.

competitionYes maybe you should

Therefore, men love to feel like winners and hate to feel like losers.  It’s your job to let him feel like a winner by chasing you and then successfully getting you.  A man wants to feel like he won out over tons of guys in order to get you.  He wants to feel like you chose him because he impressed you!

Because of that fact, men like women who they think other men want, as well.  If you want him to notice you then you should make it clear that he is NOT your only option.  That means NOT seeming desperate by chasing after him in an obvious way.

MGOuttaMyWayShe’s mine!

Call it barbaric or childish and so on but it is the truth about men; they love to battle for things and WIN!  If you think it’s silly then that is fine but if you want your man, you will more than likely need to play along.

If he has to work hard for you and accomplish the goal of making you his girlfriend then he is fulfilling his need to compete and win.  Though you may not understand this (women don’t tend to be as obsessed with competition) it is very important to men.

5. Men Don’t Want An “Easy” Girl

OK, maybe this doesn’t sound feminist, but it is a fact.  A girl that a man perceives as “easy” is not typically what he is after.  This is because an “easy” woman does not fulfill his need to hunt, compete and win.

Therefore, women who make a habit of being overly aggressive with the men that they like do not tend to “get the guy.”  Women who let men come to them are usually the most attractive to the opposite sex.

MGaliciasilverstoneThey don’t like girls who fall off the bed either

That doesn’t mean you can’t get what you want or pursue him in subtle ways.  You can certainly strike up conversations, flirt a little or show an interest in getting to know but if you pursue him in obvious and aggressive ways you will more than likely turn him off because you are taking away the thrill of the chase.

Remember, men want to feel like they are getting a catch and that they had to work hard to get you.  They had to push through the competition of other men and come out on top so that they could have you.  They want to feel accomplished.

And YOU should want him to feel that way about you, shouldn’t you?  What’s better than feeling like a man thinks you are so fantastic that he will work as hard as he can to get you?  Isn’t it nice for him to feel so lucky to have you?


Easy girls aren’t popular

Ultimately, men are instinctually hunters and competitors.  Though you may think it is “old fashioned” to let a man chase you, you will be surprised at how many men really enjoy pursuing a woman!  If you let him you are really putting yourself in control of the situation because you are the one who decides whether or not you want to date him.

Women who let their guys pursue them will end up with a man who feels excited and lucky to have them and who knows that she isn’t an easy catch.  In order to get you he had to work hard and in order to keep you he will have to continue to do so.  You’ll end up getting the princess treatment and he will have his need for competition and hunting fulfilled.

It’s a win – win!

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